mar 02 Jun 2015

Yeats Art Exhibition opens in Madrid

por Iria Torres García

Yeats Art Exhibition opens in Madrid

The Irish Ambassador, David Cooney, will chair on Tuesday June 2nd the opening of the Yeats Art Exhibition organized by the Embassy of Ireland and the Yeats Society of Madrid to commemorate the poet's 150th anniversary

As part of the events programmed to celebrate the life and legacy of William Butler Yeats, the exhibiton "Of this place: contemporary visual reflects from Yeats country" features the work of eight contemporary visual artists. Each member explores through 32 paintings and sculptures their creative relationship with the landscapes of Sligo County, the very same that inspired Yeats's poetry. 

The exhibition will be complemented by a display on the life and works of Yeats and a collection of unique jewels designed by Sandra Ruiz Bellew, “Minnaloushe Poetry in Jewellery”, whose central motif is Yeats's poems and women.

All three exhibitions will be shown in the Sala de Exposiciones Prado 19 of the Ateneo de Madrid, and will be open to the public from 2-14 June between 11:30 and 21:00 hours. Admission is free.



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